Collaboration with Eli and Elena

Dec, 2023

Eli on Instagram: @be.ta__

Elena on Instagram:

Eli and I met in September for some portraits during a stroll in Frankfurt, and it was clear that we will meet again for some work in my studio.

What’s better than one model and one photographer ? - Yes, two photographers and a model :) I am a big believer of collaboration to grow, to learn but also to share. So we invited Elena to our session.

Elena is an amazing photographer with a great sense of color, form and movement. She achieves her incredible results by moving her camera to create this artistic blur. Combined with the selective fashion and outfit, some amazing und artistic photos are being the result.

All three of us noticed how different we are approaching the same subject to create even more different results. Certainly, I tried her approach as well - and with some color film in my Hasselblad, some quite unique but very beautiful portraits of Eli were captured.

What a perfect day of collaboration and photography! In 2024 I need more of those experiences.


  • Canon RP with 85mm, 50mm and 35mm
  • Hasselblad 503cx with 100mm prime lens
    • Ilford HP5 developed in Rollei Supergrain
    • Kodak Gold 200 developed and scanned by

Digital :


Analogue - Ilford HP5 and Kodak Gold 200 :