A stroll through Frankfurt with Eli

Sep. 2023

Eli on Instagram: @be.ta__

Eli and i met via Instagram and i was really looking forward to joining her for a stroll through Frankfurt, as i was quite inspired by her style and outfits. So we met on a Saturday morning at the Altstadt, to start making some portraits in a very unique coffee shop.

But hang on - where are those photos ? Well - long story short - when trying to load the roll into my development tank, by no means i was able to get the film into the spool. As you can tell, i was upset big time - and when the moist within the changing bag was too high and the film became sticky, i gave up - and the film was screwed. Joy of analog

However, the results of the other film are incredible, and we both love the results we were able to make around the Städel museum. The light in that alley was amazing and worked so well with the rather dark but simple dress and hat from Eli.

We ended our stroll at a recently renewed subway station, with those unique white tiles that makes everything so clean. While i still had two frames left for black and white - we used the location for an experiment.

I loaded a 20 year expired Portra 800 and we gave it a shot. Yes, the results are not technically perfect anymore, but the style is amazing and unique.

Thank you for this stroll @be.ta__ and i am looking forward to our next portrait sessions!


  • Hasselblad 503cx with 100mm prime lens

Ilford HP5 Plus - pushed to ISO 800:


Kodak Portra 800 - Expired: