Masterclass with Katarina and Aleksander Stojanov

Nov. 2023

Katarina on Instagram: @kkkkkaterinaaaa

Aleksander on Instagram: @aleksanderstojanov and

During the year i came across the portrait and fine art nude work from Aleksander on Instagram. His work immediately caught my attention and inspired me - style, techniques, approach, natural light etc. seemed very similar to my interpretation of fine art portraits. Furthermore, film photography in various formats is part of Alek’s process. This combination just resonated with me.

When i saw that he will be doing a masterclass in November - i signed up for it and traveled for the weekend to Berlin to have allow some me-time and doing stuff that i like - photography !

The masterclass was one of a kind. I attended a couple of photography workshops in the last decades - but this was the one where i gained most inspirations and which had most impact on my process and understanding of fine art.

While other workshops i attended were very technical and procedural (light, posing, etc.) - with Aleks and Katarina and their approach to portrait photography i experienced why more is required to make good photos such as mindset, emotions, etc. The group was very engaged and dynamic - so ultimately everyone contributed with the opportunity to learn from others as well.

Actually - we “only” worked with 4 sets - but due to the focus to things outside of technicalities - this was for me the value, and not thousands of photos on my memory card.

Katarina did an amazing job as our muse and i am so glad we met and were able to work together. She is certainly very professional and has the experience to be the subject for fine art - but also her empathic approach in the process made a difference. I was truly impresses

Aside of digital, i also brought my Hasselblad with a couple of BW and Color rolls. With Alek’s experience on analogue, i was not only able to learn a few new hacks when working with medium format in a studio setting - but also was able to capture some amazing photos from Katarina.

Thank you Katarina and Alekander for this amazing expeirence !


  • Canon RP with 85mm and 50mm
  • Hasselblad 503cx with 100mm prime lens

Digital :


Analogue - Ilford HP5 and Kodak Portra 400 :


Behind the Scenes :