Portrait and dance with Olga

May 2023

Olga on Instagram: @frau_os

Olga is a very inspiring dancer and choreographer working in Frankfurt. When you look at Olga’s Instagram reels, you will see some very expressive dance choreographies.

When we met in my studio, the idea was to jointly create some portraits but also to capture some of her dance choreos. Olga suggested some great outfits such as a black turtleneck pullover and some black tights - which worked well with the photo ideas we had.

We mainly used the natural light of my large window to the garden - resulting in some great digital and analog photographs.

Thank you @frau_os for this very inspiring photography session.


  • Canon RP with 85mm f1.4
  • Hasselblad 503cx with 100mm prime lens

Portrait - Digital


Dance - Digital


Portrait - Analog