Portraits with Pascale

Jan, 2024

Pascale on Instagram: @pascake185

Pascale and I got in touch via Instagram and agreed to meet for some classic, timeless portraits in my home studio. In preparation to this shooting, we had a phone call to explore the moodboard i prepared. She was very excited about this shooting, as she was really looking forward for some classic black and white portraits.

Hence, we did’t go crazy and focused on the essentials. We started with some natural light portraits but as for a typical January day, it was very dull and dark. So we continued with strobes and some constant light sources.

I really liked, that Pascale selected only a few outfits that were just perfect for our planned photos - a wool turtleneck , a blouse and a gray pullover.

During the shooting, i also kicked of a very personal project for me which should help me to build some experience with conceptual photography but also to capture some very personal moments in a series. More to come in the next months.

For the very first time, i tried the Fujifilm Acros 100 II with my Hasselblad - and i am super impressed by that film. There is almost no grain visible the and the contrasts are amazing. What a great film for portraits with strobe light.

Thanks you Pascale - i really enjoyed that session and the results are wonderful, timeless portrait and headshots.


  • Canon RP with 85mm
  • Hasselblad 503cx with 100mm prime lens
    • Fujifilm Acros 100 II developed in Kodak HC-110

Digital :


Analogue - Fujifilm Across 100 II :