Spontaneous Shooting with Viktoria

Feb, 2024

Viktoria on Instagram: i_am_viktoria_c

As an originally planned shooting had to be rescheduled, i was lucky to contact Viktoria. She reached out earlier the week, when she stumbled over my portfolio - so i couldn’t resist to take a chance and ask if she’d be available on short notice.

We only had 2 hours in the morning - probably just enough to catch the first natural light as it passes by my living room windows. The timing was perfect - and we were able to shoot most of the time using natural light.

Inspired by a moodboard, that i compiled in the morning, we were going after some basic portraits with Viktoria wearing a turtleneck and tank shirt. Using a wooden couch table and the soft natural light, we were also able to capture Viktoria’s ask for some lie-down portraits.

For the first time, i also used my recently bought Leica Q with its 28mm lens in a studio setting. 28mm isn’t ideal for portraits you’d say, but inspired by a couple photographers on YouTube who used the Leica Q as well, ( Ben Staley ) - i gave it a shot.

Close-Up is not ideal - but if you find the right distance and angle - you can achieve some amazing results. The lens renders natural light so beautiful and make a difference to my Canon lenses. Given the short time we had, i did’t do any any film portrait.

Thank you Viktoria - we can be proud about the amazing portraits we were able to do in such a short period.


  • Canon RP with 85mm
  • Leica Q with 28mm

Digital :